Welcome to the Official Home Page of the Student Association

The Southwestern Adventist University Student Association has one goal in mind; improving YOUR experience. Life at university can become stressful and relentless, so it is the Student Association's job to bring life and vibrancy to the campus. This is done through the use of large and small events both on and off campus. From mud volleyball to Mimosa, the Student Association strives to uplift the student body from the mire of pressures and anxieties that can be a part of education.

Another job of the Student Association is to maintain the social, physical, and spiritual welfare of the student body. As fellow students of Southwestern Adventist University, the officers of the Student Association have a vested interest in seeing success on campus. As the next generation to truly shape the world it is our duty to become the most well-rounded and uplifting that we can be, because the future of the world depends on it. Student Association strives to mold an atmosphere on campus to help promote such growth.

The impact that students make upon the world around them has already begun. The Student Association strives for the student body to have a positive on the community through outreach and service opportunities. It is our duty as children of God to be witnesses to all we meet, and the educational experience should include this as much as it includes academics. The spiritual well-being of the university and the community lies on the shoulders of the student body and the leadership of the Student Association officers.

The university is a united entity; an amalgamation of students, faculty, and staff. The Student Association works toward a harmonious union so that the gospel of Christ can be spread to the surrounding area. It starts with us, with you, and then spreads to the entire world. The officers of the Student Association are merely leaders of the student body as a whole, and the student body is the force that can make an impact on the world.